We are Helping Wings, we are an up and coming not for profit organisation that helps bird owners with financial aid in times of medical crises with their vet bills, as most pet insurance companies do not recognise our feathered babies as being insurable.

The group was founded on 3rd April 2012 by Jane Ayres, Louise Fannin, Amy Huq, Danielle Bamforth and Lyn John and was known as Feathered Cobbers, due to the disbanding of Feathered Cobbers it became Helping Wings with a change in administration. Although the people behind the scenes have changed and we now operate as Helping Wings- our over all goal is still the same.


We promote safe and responsible bird ownership, offer support to new bird owners and we help owners financially with their vet bills in emergencies where the bird has become ill and emergency treatment or surgery is required. 

We help support one another with tips on how to help our Fids (Feathered kids) be healthy and live long and happy lives. 

Helping Wings would like to make a special mention to Jane Ayres whose original idea made this organisation possible. She has truly given us a gift and those of us at Helping Wings intend to take this the distance!